What is Weight Pull?

Weight pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across dirt/gravel, grass, carpet, or snow. It is a modern adaptation of freighting, in which dogs were used as freight animals to move cargo. Many breeds participate in this sport, with dogs being separated into classes by weight. Sled dog and bull breeds excel within their respective weight classes, having been historically bred to pull sleds and carts as working dogs, respectively.

Weight Classes

15 to < 27kg Class
27 to <36kg Class
36 to <45kg Class
45kg and over


Weight increments increase by no less than 20kg and no more than 100kg each time.

Equipment Required

Collar & Lead
Chair for comfort
Water for your dog
Crate for your dog
Weight Pull Harness
The Club will have a loan harness, if you wish to continue to compete you will be required to purchase your own harness. Harnesses can be ordered from Wind Chill in South Australia


Natural ~ Grass, Sand or other naturally occuring material
Artificial ~ Any surface that has been levelled and compacted eg concrete, asphalt, timber, compacted rubble
Snow ~ Snow or Sleet of a sufficient depth to maintain dog and trolley weight.

What do I do?

Upon arrival to the grounds, check in with the Officials, if you have a female, she will need to be vetted to ensure she is not in season. Your dog will be weighed for it’s competition class on the day. When your number is called, you will report to the chute and connect your dog to the trolley, Once connected, you will walk to the end of the chute or to behind the trolley off to one side and use only voice commands to encourage your dog to pull. Your dog has 60 seconds to start moving the trolley. The rounds will continue until all dogs have failed or withdrawn from the competition.

Working Weight Pull Dog Title (WWPD)

4 Qualifying Certificates
Natural/ Snow Surface ~ Pull 5m at 8x body weight
Artificial Surface ~ Pull 5m at 12x body weight within 1minute.

Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent Title (WWPDX)

8 Qualifying Certificates
Natural/ Snow Surface ~ Pull 5m at 16x body weight
Artificial Surface ~ 15 to <36kg - Pull 5m at 23x body weight within 1minute.
36 to <45kg ~ Pull 5m at 21x body weight within 1minute.
45kg and over ~ Pull 5m at 19x body weight within 1minute.

Age Requirements

All dogs must be over 18mths of age 



*  Jumping/Bouncing – A dog may be disqualified from a pull at the Weightpull Marshall’s discretion after 1 warning where the dog jumping with all four feet off the ground in an effort to move the trolley.
*  Aggression – Any dog which shows aggression is to be disqualified from the event and the matter is to be reported and handled in accordance with the relevant member bodies aggressive dog rules.

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